Brennan Sisco – Marketing Intern – New York City Office When searching for an internship, especially within the competitive field that is New York City, I worried that my lack of formal job experience would hold me back. But there was so much more that I’d accomplished before diving into the realm of undergraduate school that helped create a foundation strong enough to build a resume, and lead to my first internship. I want to share some tips and tricks from both high school and college-aged times in my life that have guided me to Ghostery and have helped shape me as an employee, student, and overall adult preparing for real-world work.  

Crafting a Resume

When I began my internship search process, I wasn’t doing it for myself. Honestly, all of my business school friends had secured such impressive jobs that I felt behind. I spent weeks applying to random internships I found on Handshake, Indeed, or just floating around the internet. My prior work experience was limited: tutor, retail stylist, and babysitter. Thankfully, I met with my school’s Career Services Department prior to summer, and they helped me curate a decent resume with my high school jobs and college club experience. This not only increased my chances of obtaining an internship but helped build my confidence when going into the application process. Take it one step at a time – it’s overwhelming, but you will end up where you’re supposed to.  

Making the Most of the Experience

If you’re just coming into this newfound world of internships and feel like you’re struggling in the experience department, don’t worry. My biggest advice is to take what you have (whether that be tutoring, babysitting, or just volunteer work) and use it to your advantage. You’re plenty capable of getting yourself to where you want to go. Your ability to work with others and an interest in the industry are very important. If you can curate a resume, which I highly recommend you do with the help of a mentor, career service-type interview, or with your friends, you’ll be steps ahead of many other applicants. No intern has five years of experience. But, if you have drive and desire, which are necessary to get what you want, you’re already on your way to reaching your goals. Work with what you have and be ready to talk to people. Every conversation you have will help you along the way, so make sure you’re networking in person and online – a LinkedIn account is a great way to do that. A quick email or message could be the opening to an amazing opportunity. But, make sure you do your research, so you don’t end up somewhere you’re unhappy or have an interview with a company you have no knowledge or background on.  

Interning at Ghostery

I was lucky when it came to Ghostery. This company is so helpful, inclusive, and every single member of the team wants you to succeed. While I was struggling to find where I, a political science major who loves to write, would fit into a world where you have to know someone to work for a senator or have a connection to a top-level magazine, I stumbled across Ghostery’s Content Marketing Intern position. I’d never seen myself working in the marketing realm, let alone a tech-related marketing job. But I took the leap and applied, thinking the worst-case scenario would be never hearing back or being rejected – both of which build character. My previous experience wasn’t great, but I worked with what I had. I truly went into last summer not knowing what I was capable of. Ghostery helped me realize I was more than prepared to be thrown into an industry I wasn’t exposed to in the past. From the application assignments to the onboarding meetings, and through each of my internships, I learned how capable I was. Don’t pigeonhole yourself or your abilities and be willing to go beyond what you think you want. I never expected to spend so much time in a realm I had no prior knowledge in, but I’m so happy I was given the opportunity. I’ve enjoyed every step of the way. Even beyond the working aspect of the position, I gained such insightful knowledge of the tech industry, online privacy, and how those two are necessary in this political climate. It truly came full circle, allowing me to approach my classes and discussions with peers from a new perspective based on my deep dive into the online sphere. In this world, it can seem scary going out on a limb and reaching for something you might not know much about. Take the leap. Whether you’re rejected or not, it’s an important learning experience. You could end up, like me, finding such a safe space for nearly a year, and educating yourself along the way. Internships can be intimidating, but don’t put yourself in a box. Learning experiences come in so many different forms, and I’m extremely proud some of my most beneficial ones came from Ghostery. You never really know what you might like in life, so put yourself out there and you may be pleasantly surprised. I never imagined myself doing marketing, but here I am, three marketing internships in and learning new things every day. Thank you to everyone at Ghostery who has made both of my internships so worthwhile!