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Enjoy an entirely private browsing experience, complete with a built-in search engine that detects and displays trackers before you even visit a webpage.

Ghostery WhoTracks.Me

Know exactly who wants to take charge of your personal data by diving into WhoTracks.Me. Data analysis of the top 10,000 websites worldwide, empowers you to protect your personal information from data collectors.

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We have outstanding support within the Ghostery community, many contributing not only financially but also their talents to the success of our mission.

Contributions include:

  • Coding expertise to our open source code on Github
  • Reports of bugs and broken pages to Support
  • Updates to Ghostery’s WhoTracks.Me - the largest database of trackers, operated and owned by Ghostery.
  • Spreading the word of Ghostery’s mission to the world
  • Wearing your belief offline by shopping our merch

Hundreds of contributors are building the Ghostery Privacy Suite with us

Receiving all this help is crucial to Ghostery’s existence. We welcome everyone to our growing community!

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