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Team Up with Ghostery: Introducing Our New Contributor Program

Team Up with Ghostery: Introducing Our New Contributor Program
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Today, we’re officially launching our contributor program – the next step in our mission to fight back against the pervasive forces collecting your personal information around the internet.

The rollout of the contributor program brings our core privacy tools to a wider audience, ensuring they will always be free, and creates a direct line of collaboration with our talented community to ensure greater protections for everyone on the web.

Privacy is a basic human right

We firmly believe all users should have full control over their own data, what they share and who has access to this information, by default.

In recent decades, advertisers, tech giants and other third parties have infringed on this right by frivolously commoditizing your personal information and turning you into their product.

We are giving free access to our complete set of privacy tools, including the Ghostery Private Browser, Private Search and our signature Tracker & Ad Blocker extension.

These tools all work together to block ads, block popups and as tracker blockers alongside our continued efforts to spread awareness about the dangers of online tracking with our Privacy Digest, will better equip a wider audience of internet users with the tools they need to guarantee their privacy.

Become a Contributor

Our battle for privacy often feels like David fighting off many Goliaths at once. This is why we’re calling on the expertise of our 7 million+ strong user-base to offset these odds – in exchange for extra benefits like fully customizable browser options, state-of-the-art tracker analytics and more.

Our community has played a tremendous role in the development of the Ghostery Privacy Suite thus far, and we hope to continue fostering this collaborative relationship so we can keep developing the very best privacy products.


You can become a Contributor by:

●     Actively reporting bugs, broken webpages and new trackers to Ghostery Support

●     Contributing coding expertise on Ghostery’s open source Github

●     Suggesting updates to WhoTracks.Me – the world’s largest tracker database, owned and operated by Ghostery.

●     Spreading the word about Ghostery’s mission to improve privacy around the world


Other ways to contribute

You can also provide financial support through optional monthly or annual donations. No matter how big or small, we are so grateful for every contribution and already have plans to optimally put them towards creating a more private browsing experience for users around the world.

While technical contributions will play a direct role in improving our product suite and accelerating the speed at which we can update our tools and features, donated funds will be used to amplify our voice and spread our privacy message far and wide through collaborations with content creators, like-minded institutions and privacy initiatives.

We are so excited to take this next step together in bolstering our commitment to providing the most user-centric, privacy-first browsing experience possible. To join the contributor program, sign up here.