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Ghostery Team July 18, 2019

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This Wednesday Ghostery celebrated its 10 year anniversary – balloons, confetti, cameras, the whole shebang. Ghosterians from the past and present, along with some close friends, came together to celebrate the people, product, and vision of the company. Reminiscing on fun stories and friendships, everyone bonded over food, drinks and, of course, free swag.

The main highlight of the night was the digital privacy discussion panel. Great conversations were had about the state of the Internet, what it means for consumers, publishers, and advertisers, & ways that current issues could be addressed. The panelists included Stacey Gray (Future of Privacy Forum), Rick Mandler (TrueX), Anthony Ha (TechCrunch), Jean Paul Schmetz (Cliqz), and Jeremy Tillman (Ghostery). Curious what was said? Watch the full discussion.

Loved the panel? Help us bring it to SXSW 2020. Cast your vote here!

Coming Soon

To end the night, we gave a sneak peek of Ghostery’s next great product, Ghostery Midnight – providing digital privacy for your entire device. Check out the teaser video below!

Closing Thoughts

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has worked on Ghostery – past and present employees and partners. In the ever-changing privacy landscape, we’re proud to provide privacy protection around the world with the ghost we’ve all come to know and love. Ghostery will continue to adapt and evolve, turning challenges into opportunities to better our technology and business.

Here’s to another ten years,

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