Become a Ghostery Beta Tester!

June 27, 2016By Ghostery Team

Want to get back to living on the edge and putting the L back in YOLO? Want to test the outer limits of technology and become a valued member of a treasured community?

Become a βeta tester for Ghostery!

You’ll get to test products before they’re released and explore experimental features that could become available in the future. This is a vital job – and one for which you will be compensated with our utmost appreciation. Your input will be an important part of the app’s development and your participation will help us make a better version of the product.

This real-world feedback on quality and usability gives you access to features your friends will envy – it’s a glimpse into the future, without all that fear of altering the space-time continuum.

You can join the beta channel for our forthcoming Chrome release here!

When you join the Ghostery Beta group, here are a couple tips to keep in mind to ensure that you can install the beta successfully:

  1. Join the group using your Google account.  Users that have tried using non-google email addresses have had trouble installing the beta.
  2. Make sure you’re signed into your Google account when you try to install the beta
  3. If you signed into multiple accounts, the link to install the beta might not work.  If that happens, sign out of all accounts and sign back into the account that you used to join the beta group.