From The Ghostery Desk Series: Trust & Restrict Sites

May 3, 2018By Ghostery Team

Did you know that within the Ghostery extension, you can set certain websites you frequently view as Trusted or Restricted, and that you can view these selected websites within the Ghostery Menu?

Choosing to Restrict or Trust webpages is a great way to take control and personalize your browsing experience with Ghostery. You can do this by visiting a webpage, clicking the blue Ghosty icon in your browser, then clicking either the “Trust Site” button or the “Restrict Site” button. Trusting a site means that you are choosing to allow trackers through, Restricting a site means you are blocking all detected trackers. Remember that after you trust or restrict a webpage, you’ll need to refresh the page for the changes to take effect.

If you’re ever interested in viewing a list of sites you have selected to trust and/or restrict, we provide this option. You can do this by clicking the Ghosty icon in your browser, then click the silver gears next to the word “TRACKERS”, and finally click “Trust & Restrict”. Here you can view each site you have Trusted or Restricted by clicking the corresponding tab.


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