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Ghostery Team September 7, 2018

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Hey Ghostery fans,

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Ghostery Lite, a streamlined version of Ghostery for users on Safari that provides our world-class privacy protection with a fraction of the CPU footprint. Ghostery Lite is a new-and-improved privacy extension that now provides both ad and tracker blocking for fast, simple and safe browsing.

Why now?

Apple recently announced that with the macOS Mojave release (sometime in late 2018), Safari will take a more aggressive stance on privacy and security. This release will include:

– Cookie partitioning with Storage Access API requires user consent for 3rd party cookies on each website and purges all cookies after 30 days
– Bounce trackers and collusion trackers are detected and purged of their web data
– Origin URLs are scrubbed to prevent trackers from receiving personally identifiable information (PII)
– Social widget trackers are blocked
– Anonymized system configuration to prevent fingerprinting

This is a big move in terms of increasing privacy protection for Apple users and we’re happy to be able to support these initiatives.

The perfect complement to Safari

We’ve designed Ghostery Lite to work alongside Apple’s new privacy ecosystem by bringing to Safari users a few core, indispensable features that will function hand-in-hand with Apple’s new privacy and security protocols. Despite its new privacy features, the update to Safari still does not block ads or JavaScript trackers that slow down pages and collect personal information. Ghostery Lite is designed to specifically address these vulnerabilities, working symbiotically with Safari to extend its privacy protection by blocking ads and trackers that receive and transmit user data.

Ghostery Lite, what’s it all about?

Ghostery Lite delivers the tracking protection our users have come to know and love but with minimizing the need for customization or maintenance. It uses Safari’s Content Blocker API to more efficiently block unwanted content, cookies and tracking scripts, thereby reducing the information Safari provides to other websites, protecting user privacy and allowing pages to load faster.

Behind the scenes, we’ve organized all the trackers in our extensive database by category with default settings that block advertising, site analytics and adult advertising trackers. These default settings offer immediate tracker and ad blocking upon installation, allowing you to visit the websites you love without any hassle and with a lot less clutter. We’ve also included custom settings for users who would like to select specific tracker categories to block and unblock.

Beta testers wanted

If you’d like to test Ghostery Lite and help us make this the best Ghostery for Safari product yet, you can sign up here.

How to enable Ghostery 5 after you update to Mojave

Extensions like Ghostery 5 that use an older (deprecated) API build will be disabled as soon as you upgrade to Mojave. We highly recommend that you give Ghostery Lite a try as we’ve designed it to work exclusively with the new Mojave changes. If for whatever reason you’d like to stick with Ghostery 5, here are the steps to reenable it after you upgrade to Mojave.

– Open Safari
– Go to Preferences in Safari
– Select the ‘Extensions’ icon
– Find Ghostery in the left panel
– Check the box near Ghostery
– A message will pop up saying: “Are you sure you want to enable the extension ‘Ghostery’”, then select Enable
– You’re good to go!

Happy browsin’

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