Ghostery Privacy Browser: Protection on Your Mobile Browser

June 23, 2016By Ghostery Team

According to a study by comScore, 65% of total digital media time is now spent on mobile.

Increasing Concerns About Privacy

According to a study by comScore, 65% of total digital media time is now spent on mobile. And with more and more eCommerce transactions taking place on mobile – 44% of traffic to retail sites – consumers are rightly concerned about privacy and security. Especially concerning, many users are sharing key personal data and information over WiFi – which can then be collected, sold, or exchanged without their knowledge or consent. This includes data like your location and, in some cases, credit card information.

Ghostery’s Privacy Browser addresses these concerns and gives you faster browsing with built-in privacy protection while shopping on your iPhone. Available for both Android and iOS –  our Privacy Browser is lightweight, clean, and gives you control to make make informed decisions about the personal data you share with the 3rd-party trackers on the sites you visit.

Ads Inflate Data Usage

In addition to privacy concerns, many consumers worry about exceeding data limits while browsing on mobile. A study by Enders Analysis found that ad content used between 18%-79% of mobile data. The study found that JavaScript from ad publishers accounted for an additional 6%-68% of data usage.

As a result, many users are careful with their data. Ghostery’s Privacy Browser lets you limit the trackers that have access to your secure information, load pages faster, and most importantly, preserve your data. It provides the largest tracker database, with over 2,200 trackers and 4,500 scripts. One-click clears both your cookies and cache as well as disconnects you from all trackers. The browser is significantly more lightweight than others and it comes to you from the industry leader and consumer privacy advocate, dedicated to protecting your – and millions of others’ – online privacy.

Interested in increasing your browsing privacy, protection, and speed? Download Ghostery’s Privacy Browser from the App Store or Android Store today!