Ghostery v7.4 ready for you!

October 24, 2017By Pete Knowlton

Hello Ghosterians,

Great news for mobile users! In this release, we have updated our Android Firefox extension to the latest version, Ghostery 7. Try us out if you haven’t already!

We’ve also fixed some bugs and implemented backend improvements.

Like always, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, or random thoughts about this release or the product in general, we want to hear from you!  Just email us at

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Happy Surfin’,

The Ghostery Team

Summary Change Log

New Features:

  • Implemented Firefox for Android compatibility for Ghostery 7
  • Implemented backend improvements
  • Campaign Attribution
  • Port Ghostery to Firefox for Android

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed click-2-play typo
  • Fixed reported console log syntax error
  • Tracker profile page display a 404 on or Firefox when language is set to EN_GB
  • Uncaught Syntax Error
  • Small Typo in the blocking redirect “If this link doesn’t look right” should be “If this link looks right”

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