Help Desk Series: Enhanced ad blocking

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Ghostery Team August 27, 2019

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What is it?

The Enhanced Ad Blocker complements Ghostery’s tracker blocking and anti-tracking by acting as a cosmetic filter and blocking visual ads – including pop-ups, banner ads, etc. This feature catches and eliminates ads from a filter list and does not require any user-generated data.

Why Should I Use it?

Ads can often be an eyesore on webpages, making it hard to navigate pages and get to the content you’re actually trying to see. Enhanced ad blocking provides the best and cleanest browsing experience by removing these distractions; in turn, this also results in faster load times.

Some users like to support certain websites they visit by allowing ads to appear. If this is you, feel free to disable the ad blocker by simply clicking the respective icon in the Ghostery panel.

Common Problems

Sometimes the Ad Blocker mistakes login menus as pop-up ads and will prevent you from being able to sign-in to websites. As a temporary workaround, try disabling the Enhanced Ad Blocker and reloading the page. If this resolves the issue, contact us at and let us know. We’re are always working to fix any issues our users encounter.

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