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Ghostery Team October 8, 2019

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Do I Need a Ghostery Account?

You do not need an account to use the free Ghostery Browser Extension; it is simply an option to make things more convenient for you. The main benefit of having an account is the ability to maintain your settings across browsers – including your blocking settings and your whitelisted and restricted sites.

The only time an account is required is if you’d like to support Ghostery through a paid product. This could be by upgrading to Ghostery Plus or by using one of our other subscription products, Ghostery Insights or Ghostery Midnight.


Managing Your Account

To manage your Ghostery account, you’ll need to access your profile here. You can navigate to this page through the extension panel or by signing into your account on the Ghostery website directly. Once you’ve accessed your profile, here’s a breakdown for managing your account:

  • Basic Information – Edit your name, email address, and adjust your email preferences
  • Password – Update your password (Note: Passwords must be between 8 and 50 characters and can include the following special characters !@#$%^&*=+()<>{}[];:,.)
  • Privacy – Download your information (this includes your Ghostery settings)
  • Subscription – Manage any ongoing subscriptions you may have (this includes billing and payment information)
  • Receipts* – View the receipts of previous transactions on your account
  • Priority Support* – Submit requests here for priority review

*These tabs are only seen if you are a paying subscriber


How Do I Cancel My Account?

If you’d like to end a current subscription you have with your account, you can do so on the Subscription tab. If you’d simply like to cancel your Ghostery account, select “Cancel Account” in the bottom right of the Basic Information tab.


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