Help Desk Series: Pause Ghostery

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Ghostery Team July 9, 2019

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What does it do?

Pause Ghostery will pause the extension on all sites. Users can choose to manually pause and un-pause or utilize the preset 30 minute, 1 hour, or 24 hour timers. Ghostery will start back up with the same settings you had enabled before it was paused after the timeframe is up. Pausing allows for all advertising and tracking to be enabled on a site. It works differently than the Trust Site feature in that it covers all websites instead of working on a site-to-site basis.

Why should I use it?

Sometimes Ghostery will block the functionality of websites such as Sharepoint and Salesforce. The Trust Site feature can also accidentally disable websites. Using the Pause feature instead will allow you to continue to use the website as intended.  Additionally, it will disable Ghostery temporarily, so you don’t need to remove the extension permanently.  Overall Ghostery is a useful tool that will protect your identity when browsing the web. Check out our extension or one of our other products here!

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