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Ghostery Team July 3, 2019

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What does it do?

Trust site will turn off Ghostery and allow all trackers and ads on a website and its subdomains
to run unblocked. This feature is useful if you don’t mind ads appearing so you can support a
particular website. Note that you’re unable to use the Trust Site feature for specific parts of a
site. For example, you can’t use Trust Site to allow ads for an individual
YouTube channel that you follow. You instead would have to allow ads across all of YouTube if
turning on the Trust Site feature.

What are common problems?

Sometimes this feature causes issues on sites such as SharePoint. On sites such as this, we
recommend using the Pause Ghostery feature instead. Pausing with a timer will later re-enable
Ghostery after the time has expired, which prevents a user from disabling the anti-tracker and
forgetting to turn it back on. If none of your Trusted Sites are working as they should, there
could be a more significant issue at hand. We recommend turning off Trust Site, removing the
site from the whitelist, and then trying the website again with the Smart Blocker turned off.

Our Thoughts

Overall the Ghostery Browser Extension is an incredibly useful tool that protects your data and
streamlines your browsing. We’ve designed each part of our anti-tracker to be safe and
transparent. If you haven’t downloaded the Ghostery extension yet, get it here. Try it today and
happy browsing!

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