Spring cleaning: tidy up your tech

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Jordanna Kalkhof June 18, 2019

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June might already be in full swing, but there’s still time to do some Spring cleaning. As you break out the broom and dust pan, don’t forget about your tech devices. Phones, tablets, and computers all need cleaning too; this goes beyond just wiping down the screens. Here are a few tips to get you started:


• Free up storage by deleting old and unnecessary data such as text messages and voicemails.
• Remove unused apps. This can include stock applications that came preloaded on the device, games, etc.
• Review your contacts. Get rid of duplicates and old contacts you no longer need.
• Go through your photos. Upload them to a storage platform or offload them to your computer to create more space on your mobile device.
• Consider resetting your password. Throughout the year, there may have been times you shared your password so someone could access your device. It’s a good idea to update this periodically.
• Create or update a backup of your phone using the cloud or your desktop.
• Check that your device is up to date. These updates are important for bug fixes, security patches and keeping your device protected from vulnerabilities.


• Clean up your desktop. Sort those documents, photos, and downloads into folders to stay organized.
• Encrypt any documents that have sensitive data you want to keep secure.
• Take a look at your downloads folder. Don’t need those things anymore? Delete them.
• Empty your trash.
• Organize your email. Most email platforms offer multiple ways to sort and filter your incoming mail.
• Clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history of your desktop browsers. Not only does this ensure you’re loading the latest pages, but it also helps protect your privacy.
• Check that your device, browsers, and other software, like browser extensions, are up to date.


• ‘Clean” your wireless router. This could mean resetting your password or doing a complete factory reset.
• Deactivate Bluetooth devices that aren’t being used. Minimize the risk of wrongdoers taking advantage of these connections.

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