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New Look | Same Ghostery Protection & More!

Hello Ghosterians!

We hope the summer treated you well.

You may have noticed that the Ghostery home page got a facelift. Along with the new pricing model for our Ghostery Privacy Suite we thought we were due for a more streamlined approach. Our Mission is to provide you with privacy focused products that are easy to use while speeding up pageloads and giving you the choice about where and with whom you share your data with.

Some may see some new products if you are new to Ghostery or just have been focused on anything else!


Ghostery Dawn is our new privacy focused Desktop browser. Here, you get super charged Ghostery blocking and analytics as both the Browser extension and Ghostery insights come installed and ready to roll. Additionally, you will see Ghostery Glow as your default search engine. This is our new private search engine.

Yup! Private search.

For those who don’t want to jump ship from their current browser, Ghostery Glow is also an extension available in the Firefox and Chrome stores.

You will also notice that we have only one pay tier now. We’ve decided that the privacy suite should be all inclusive and easy to manage, not only from a usability standpoint, but from a wallet one too. So, for only $4.99 per month or discounted annual pricing, you get everything we offer with perks.

1.    Unlock the advanced features in the Browser extension

      a. Historical Stats

       b. Themes

2.    Ghostery Insights

       a. Real-time page by page analytics

3.    Ad Free Search with Ghostery Glow

4.    VIP Support Access


The big browsers have some updates coming soon that will make Ghostery and other adblocking/script blocking extensions look VERY different (check out Manifest V3). If you love Ghostery the way we do, Ghostery Dawn will be your best way to enjoy all the features of today and more to come. Ghostery Glow will be compatible with these updates, so you can enjoy a add free, safe search option in these browsers with your Ghostery Subscription.


We hope you like the visual changes we’ve been working on.


Happy browsing!