Check Out Ghostery 7.1!

October 20, 2016By Ghostery Team

We’re pleased to announce that Ghostery 7.1 is here!

This release includes a lot of new features and improvements that directly address feedback for Ghostery 7.0 that we received from you and the rest of our users.  Notably, Ghostery 7.1 includes:   

  • Refined purple box that is more compact and less intrusive
  • Option to hide purple box on trusted pages
  • Improved performance across all browsers
  • Import / export local settings
  • Validation criteria for longer passwords with more characters
  • New setting to hide the tracker count from the toolbar
  • Minor improvements & fixes to the UI/UX
  • Fixed account & language syncing
  • Fixed language-specific UI conflicts
  • New surrogates to fix several broken page issues
  • Minor backend fixes

As always, please send us any and all feedback, especially if you find a bug or something that doesn’t seem to be working right.  In particular, we want to make sure that this works well in all of our non-English versions, so if you speak a language other than English we would love to have you try it in that language as well. Also, please be sure to follow us on Twitter @Ghostery.

Happy surfin’,