Ghostery 8.2 is here!

July 2, 2018By Ghostery Team

Hey there Ghostery fans,

Ghostery 8.2 is out the door! We have revamped our UI in this latest release, cleaning up the interface and adding more informative user feedback for actions and buttons. Users can now switch between views via tabs and toggle privacy features on or off with one click. Additionally, we updated our setup flow to reflect the appropriate Terms of Use consent process.

In the back end, we fixed a bug with the Smart Blocking counter, and investigated an issue causing our ad blocker to not work properly on certain websites. We’ve made several fixes and continue to look into this issue.

Lastly, we have begun to roll out our new Rewards feature to some users, and are collecting feedback in the process.

What’s New?
• Updated UX & UI
• Rewards feature implementation and roll out

What’s Better?
• Improved user feedback and anti-suite interaction
• Removed a confusing notification banner cap

What’s Fixed?
• Fixed broken Smart Blocking counter
• Fixed spelling error in Anti-Tracking feedback
• Fixed a bug where the “Verify Account” pop-up would not allow clicks
• Fixed issues with our ad blocker

Click Here to check out the Code!

Happy browsing!

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