Ghostery Goes Open Source [version 8.1]

March 8, 2018By Teresa Lan

Hey Ghostery fans,

We are pleased to announce that Ghostery is officially open source software!

As of today, March 8th, our code is available for anyone and everyone to view on our Github page.  You can find an official press release on our site. We’d like to thank our development team for their work in bringing everything to fruition, and our dedicated users for supporting us and giving us the feedback that sparked this project.

What Does it Mean?

Being open source means that the code used to build Ghostery is freely and publicly available.

Why Open Source?

First and foremost, our goal is transparency.  An open source code allows the public to see how Ghostery works and what types of data are transmitted, a feature aligned with the values that our products themselves embody – transparency, insight, and control. Beyond that, this project brings an invaluable opportunity to both us and our users as we invite the digital community to contribute to our code, help us improve, and ultimately join us in our effort to make the internet cleaner, faster, and safer.

Making Ghostery open source is a commitment to becoming the best product we can be. We welcome all to check us out!

Note that all recent changes, including the open source project and the elimination of our extension opt-in community and data feed, are reflected in our privacy policy.

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