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Ghostery Team January 16, 2019

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Hello Ghostery Users,

Season’s greetings and Happy New Year!

The holidays are behind us, but we hope you don’t mind “unwrapping” one last surprise.  Today, we are pleased to announce Ghostery Plus, our very first paid subscription!                                     

For $2 per month, Plus subscribers will unlock new Ghostery features that help them monitor their digital footprint, including historical stats related to the trackers and ads they encounter online, giving users a better understanding of how they’re being tracked and targeted across the web.  They will also gain access to perks like custom themes, priority support service, and other advanced features that are currently in development.

While this is a modest step forward, it’s the first among many in our plan to build out premium products and services that are unlocked with Ghostery subscriptions.  This new subscription model will not only help us keep the lights on, but will also allow us to invest in more advanced products and technologies that empower our users to protect themselves and their families.

Moreover, Ghostery subscriptions will build on our ongoing experiments to create a better digital economy that gives more power to consumers.  We believe that 2019 will be the year where privacy-as-a-service becomes a viable business model and credible alternative to a system reliant on digital advertising where user data and attention are harvested and monetized.

Ultimately, though, this is for Ghostery users.  Our roadmap for 2019 and beyond is ambitious. We plan to build on innovative technologies that offer more advanced and holistic protection, while expanding our product suite so that users have more options for how they integrate privacy into their lives.

This is just the beginning of a cleaner, faster, safer Internet. Get Ghostery Plus today!

Stay tuned for the rest!

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