Ghostery v7.3.1 is the hottest Jam of the Summer!

July 26, 2017By Ghostery Team

Hello Ghosterians!

We have another version of Ghostery (v 7.3.1) hot off the press!  However, before we dive into the details of this release, let us share a little insight into some of the bigger ambitions we’ve been pursuing over the last few months and the direction we plan to bring our product in the months to come.

When Ghostery joined Cliqz in February, we set a common goal to not only establish a new bar in privacy but to also rethink browsing technology in a way that provides a free, open, and private Internet that puts the needs of users first.  To date, a “free” Internet has always been one financed by advertising – a model that ultimately imposes invisible costs on individuals in the form of intrusive and annoying ads, slow websites, widespread erosion of privacy, and an entire industry built around acquiring and selling user data.  In other words, today’s ad-supported Web is anything but free, and almost certainly doesn’t put the needs of users first.

We think you deserve a better Internet and a smarter way to browse it. 

To make good on this aspiration, we will be experimenting with different models that provide an alternative to advertising as the engine of the free Web. To that end, we are currently testing a cool new feature in Ghostery 7.3.1 that lets our users earn rewards for products and services simply by browsing online as usual.  Our goal with this is to empower our users to gain something directly from companies who value them rather than have that value sucked up by thousands of middlemen trying to serve them ads.  Our aim is to extend this model so that people can support their favorite websites without suffering ads and their invisible costs while helping Ghostery (and its uncommonly attractive team) pay our bills and deliver real value to our users at the same time.

Ultimately, we think this experimental feature is something exciting that a lot of people will like – it brings you real, valuable rewards with zero data collection and 100% anonymity while still enjoying the cleaner, faster, and safer browsing experience that Ghostery has always provided.  It’s also completely optional, so, if it’s not your cup of tea, you can simply turn the feature off.  And if you don’t notice any changes in Ghostery 7.3.1, don’t worry – we’re running the experiment with only a small percentage of our userbase.  As we learn from this test and others, we will roll out this feature and other improvements to more and more users.

As for the rest of Ghostery 7.3.1, its new features, improvements, and bug fixes are outlined below.  As always, if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us (

New Features & Improvements: 

  • Improved block-and-filter functionality in advanced settings
  • Improvements to usage analytics
  • Rewards experiment (Germany Only)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Tracker descriptions are now displaying properly
  • The click-2-play redirect from Google shopping links now works properly

Happy Surfin’,

Team Ghostery


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