Ghostery v7.1.2 Fresh for The New Year!

January 11, 2017By Ghostery Team

Howdy Ghosterians!

We have a hotfix ready to go. A few bug fixes and some updates for the first release of the new year!

The most notable change in this hotfix is a new opt-in step, rather than opt-out,  during the user setup for usage analytics pings.

**Please note that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being transferred in this transmission. It is a health/functional status of the extension itself.

Beyond that, we rebuilt the tracker profile and URL patterns pages to improve performance. We also made some fixes to user settings to return the autosave function to users in Firefox as well as to fix a bug related to the block new trackers by default option, which was being selected incorrectly by default in previous builds.

Changelog Summary

New User Features:

  • New opt-in option during setup for usage analytics pings
  • Rebuilt tracker profiles and track URL pages for improved performanced

Fixed Defects:

  • Fixed user settings autosaving [FIREFOX only]
  • Fixed bug that blocked new trackers by default
  • Fixed backend bugs

As always, please send us any and all feedback, especially if you find a bug or something that doesn’t seem to be working right.  In particular, we want to make sure that this works well in all of our non-English versions, so if you speak a language other than English we would love to have you try it in that language as well. Also, please be sure to follow us on Twitter @Ghostery.

Happy surfin’,