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Ghostery Team October 31, 2019

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Hey there Ghostery users,

It’s no secret that today’s third-party tracking technologies go beyond your browser. Big tech companies and other data collection parties are expanding their strategy for collecting and monetizing your personal data. The good news is, we’re expanding our strategies as well to help our users protect their data. With impending changes in the browser landscape and privacy threats expanding at a device level, we’re excited to debut Ghostery Midnight – our new privacy tool for MacOS and Windows that provides device-level protection..

Ghostery Midnight’s device-level blocking tools allow you to protect personal data across your entire computer and applications, including email clients, creative software, task apps, entertainment and music platforms and more. Midnight will also feature our first-ever Virtual Private Network tool, ensuring the highest level of privacy through a protected internet network. Together with its application tracker-blocking capabilities, Midnight will provide you with a more secure digital experience, protecting you from data collection on both browsers and applications.


Feature Highlights

For just $14 per month, you gain access to all of Midnight’s key premium features, including:

  • Ad Blocking & Tracker Protection: Prevent trackers from collecting your data and block intrusive and annoying ads across all desktop applications, from email clients like Microsoft Outlook, to entertainment apps like Spotify and Hulu
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Connect to the internet and shield your activity via a secure and encrypted connection. By anonymizing your IP address, location and browsing information is obscured as you browse on a private network
  • Tracker Monitoring: View which companies are trying to track you, and how trackers are interacting together to share and spread data
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: Protection for every single browser, regardless of limitations and extension support, managed entirely through Midnight
  • Customized Protection: Make informed decisions around your data by viewing app tracker totals, and picking and choosing which apps to safeguard for flexible protection and control

For a limited time, request an invite to receive free exclusive access to all of Midnight’s premium features. For more information and to request an invitation to pilot the product, visit

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