About Ghostery

You Are Not Alone!

Internet privacy is no longer just for conspiracy theorists – over 20 million people use Ghostery. It’s the web’s largest, most comprehensive and most user-friendly privacy tool. An easy add-on for every major browser and available as an iPad and iPhone app, Ghostery helps people around the world understand and control more than 1,600 trackers that are tracking them when they browse.

Empowering Users

Rather than making judgments about which trackers are good or bad, Ghostery puts power directly into users’ hands, giving them the relevant and accurate information they need to make the decision that’s best for them. Ghostery users can block all tracking easily, block tracking from particular companies, or choose to only allow tracking on the websites that they trust the most.

Strength In Numbers

The Ghostery community is one of the strongest and most sophisticated on the web. More than 10 million users have opted into the “Ghostrank™” panel, anonymously supplying tracker information back to Ghostery to help improve the service and foster a more transparent internet.

Free and Easy

Ghostery is, and will always be, free—no hidden costs, no trying to sell a ‘premium version’ or other related products. It’s also easy as pie to set up – just install it and in a few clicks you’re browsing the web the way you want to browse.