How We Make Money

How much is Ghostery?

Downloading and using Ghostery is totally free. No, really. It is. There’s no premium version, no payment section, and we won’t even bug you to donate money to the cause.

Ghostrank and data donation

Since we don’t ask for money, we’d love it if you’d donate some data. Not data about you —data about the tracking technology you see and where you see it. We call this data donation feature “Ghostrank”.

What does Ghostrank collect?

  • The tracker identified by Ghostery
  • The page where the tracker was found
  • The protocol of the page where the tracker was found
  • Information showing if the tracker was blocked
  • The URL of the tracker itself
  • The time it takes for the page and tracker to load
  • The tracker’s position on the page
  • The browser you’re using
  • The country you’re in
  • Ghostery version information
  • Standard web server log information, such as the IP address and http headers. (Please note that we do not store IP addresses.)

How anonymous am I?

Totally anonymous. Not only do we not collect any information about you on purpose, we take steps to make sure we’re not storing anything that could get back to you if someone tried.

We hash out IP addresses and only store an encrypted string of text, and we strip out any identifying information from URLs (we chop off query strings – anything after a “?” mark in a URL).

Ghostrank is off by default. If you don’t specifically say we can, we won’t collect anything from you, ever.

What we do with Ghostrank data

We take that information, add our analysis, and sell it to brands and websites to help them evaluate their relationships with their marketing partners. Some ad tech companies use the data to compare themselves to their competition, while other research firms buy it to learn more about the industry.

We also provide data to consumer advocacy groups like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), journalists writing stories about privacy, and students and activists involved in related projects and papers.

What we don’t do

We don’t sell any information about what our users block, reports based on user browsing habits, or any other intelligence that makes targeting easier. We also don’t coordinate with ad tech companies to help them avoid being blocked.

How this system works for us

We don’t rely on grants, charity, or sponsorships from organizations that might seek to influence Ghostery’s future.

We have a worldwide, full-time team dedicated to continuously improving Ghostery to make it the best for our users.

One last thing

All this only happens when you give us the okay.

So if this sounds like a good deal to you, visit Ghostery’s options page and click “Enable Ghostrank.” We really appreciate your support and are psyched to help you reveal the invisible web!