Can I still use Ghostery 5 on Safari? Can I use it alongside Ghostery Lite on Safari?

Yes, you can use Ghostery 5 and Ghostery Lite on Safari together. When upgrading to Mojave Ghostery 5 will be automatically disabled. That being said we encourage all Ghostery 5 users to give Ghostery Lite a try. This product has been designed and built as the result of extensive user research and testing, as well as the new privacy and security improvements in Safari. If you’d like to enable Ghostery 5 follow the steps below.

  • Open Safari
  • Go to Preferences in Safari
  • Select the ‘Extensions’ icon
  • Find Ghostery in the left panel
  • Check the box near Ghostery
  • A message will pop up saying: “Are you sure you want to enable the extension ‘Ghostery’”, then select Enable

You’re good to go!

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