How does Ghostery work with Evidon?

Ghostery and Evidon, Inc. work closely to mutually support the ongoing success of each company’s products. This means that Ghostery will continue to license Evidon’s tracker library, a component that is critical to the functionality of the Ghostery browser extension, mobile apps, and future products.   This also means that Ghostery will support Evidon and its Data Governance solution by continuing to provide tracker and web data that is anonymously contributed to us by our users.

Below are the data points provided to Evidon:

  • the Trackers identified by the Ghostery Browser Extension (GBE),
  • the blocking status of the Trackers,
  • domains identified as serving Trackers,
  • the time it takes for the page and the Trackers to load,
  • the Trackers’ position on the page,
  • the browser in which the GBE has been installed,
  • the browser language,
  • standard web server log information like your web request,
  • the data sent in response to that request,
  • a timestamp for the request, page,
  • Tracker weight (megabytes of data attributable to each Tracker), and
  • whether Trackers appeared on any visited webpage.

Ghostery and Evidon will occasionally collaborate on joint messaging to promote products and solutions that address use cases related to third-party tracking technologies that that affect users and enterprises alike.

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