What are the Ghostery Start Tab permissions used for?

The Ghostery Start Tab offers many features that require you to accept permissions within your browser.

The quick search feature provides you with results from our private search and a combination of your history and bookmarks, which accounts for many of the permissions listed. However, Ghostery does not store or change any of your personal data. All changes are made by you and stay local within the browser.

Ghostery Start Tab’s quick floating search bar helps you navigate quickly and easily. After clicking a result in the search bar, your current webpage will be redirected, and it will “Replace the page you see when opening a new tab”. Again, all actions will be done by you. The extension will simply provide a tool to navigate quickly to the requested URL.

A calculator and currency feature are included in the quick search results, where you can copy and paste the results directly. This data is not modified by the extension.

In addition, some location-based search results are provided if you decide to share your location. This feature is opt-in and you will always be asked if you want to share your location for nearby results or not. The setting for location sharing can be changed at any time.