What are the new Ghostery 8 features?

Enhanced Anti-Tracking: Developed by our parent company Cliqz, our Enhanced Anti-Tracking feature is a heuristic approach to real-time, algorithmic tracking protection.  Like Ghostery’s main blocking mechanism, it monitors all third-party requests.  However, instead of simply blocking those requests, it analyzes them for personally identifiable information and then strips out that information before the request is sent.  Enhanced Anti-Tracking supplements Ghostery’s block-list approach by catching anything that might have been missed. Therefore, even if trackers are allowed to execute, you can feel safe knowing that all personal information has been anonymized in the request.


You can learn more about how it works in this article from Cliqz.  Under the section header “Building the Global Safe Set”, we discuss what data is collected via anti-tracking. In order for this system to work, we must analyze the tracker requests for patterns to determine what should be deemed unsafe. However, this is done anonymously and without compromising user privacy.


Enhanced Ad Blocking: Our new visual ad-blocker complements Ghostery tracker blocking and anti-tracking.  It catches and eliminates ads from a filter list and does not require any user-generated data.


Smart Blocking:  We developed our automatic Smart Blocking feature to make it easier for users to optimize their browsing experience and blocking choices.  It automatically blocks slow or non-secure trackers, for example, and allows certain trackers that we know may cause breakage on popular websites when blocked.  This function is all run locally and does not use any personal data.

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