What new Ghostery features can we expect in the future?

We’ve been experimenting with potential new features to deliver more value to our users.

These include several new dashboard concepts to help users browse smarter:

History dashboard: A log of your tracking history that shows what Ghostery has done for you, including trends about trackers you’ve encountered and blocked over time.

Performance dashboard: An analysis of website performance, such as data transferred, page load quality and number of data requests.

Tracker alerts dashboard: Control center where users can “tag” trackers to follow their activity on the web, receive insight into loading behavior, and alerts when they appear on a page you visit.

Rewards dashboard: A hub that displays Ghostery Rewards earned and redeemed.

We are also gauging interest in a website snapshot function, an interactive mode where users can view which elements on a page are linked with trackers, make adjustments, and see before/after page comparisons.

Finally, our development team is experimenting with a native Ghostery desktop application that provides system-wide privacy protection and in-depth tracker analytics.