Why am I being asked to approve Ghostery Midnight in my Security Preferences?

If you are installing Ghostery Midnight for the first time on MacOS, you were likely met with a message that said “System Extension Blocked”.


This is a security feature which requires users to explicitly allow installation of a third party system extensions. Ghostery Midnight requires a system extension as part of its process to view the network traffic on your computer. To approve this manually, go to your System Preferences ‣ Security & Privacy ‣ General and click the ‘Allow’ button.


For users on macOS Big Sur

In addition, as of macOS Big Sur (11.0), two more features must be allowed in order for Midnight to function.


The first is to allow Midnight to install proxy configurations, which lets Midnight access your network traffic while its proxy is active.


You can tell if Midnight’s proxy is active by looking for “Midnight” in the left-side panel in your System Preferences ‣ Network.


The second is to trust our Root TLS certificate, which is generated locally on your computer during Midnight’s installation. TLS certificates are part of the process used by web browsers and other software to verify your connection to a website is legitimate. Without trusting Midnight’s Root TLS certificate, it is not possible for Midnight to read or modify your network traffic to perform its job of blocking ads and trackers system-wide.