Why am I being prompted to approve an update from Ghostery on Firefox?

In our 8.2.5 hotfix, we made an important improvement to our Ad Blocker that allows Ghostery to more rigorously detect and block ads (specifically, those served over web sockets).

Because this introduces a new detection mechanism in our extension, Firefox requires that users acknowledge the update.

You will therefore see a prompt from Firefox that you must approve in order for Ghostery to update. To proceed (highly recommended), simply click “Update.” This will also grant permission for all future Ghostery updates, so you will not be prompted again.

If you click “Cancel,” your extension will NOT be updated, will not receive any fixes or new features. In this case, you will be prompted again each time there is a new release.

The prompt says Ghostery needs permission to “Access your data for all websites.” What does this mean?

In order for Ghostery to block trackers and ads, it needs to be able to detect and take action on elements of a web page as you browse. We do not record sensitive information, record browsing history, or disclose user data. Note that despite the prompt being new, Ghostery is not introducing any new permissions with the update.

Ghostery is an open source technology and we invite you to take a look and see what we are doing behind the scenes on our Github page.