Why are certain apps not appearing under My Applications?

In effort to prevent clutter, Ghostery Midnight only displays applications that are making network requests to the internet. If you are looking for a certain app that is missing from the list, then it’s likely the app has not made any requests since Ghostery Midnight was opened. Though it is possible the app was designed not to make any requests, there are a few things that could be happening:

  • Some apps may only send trackers when first opened. Try restarting the missing app to check this.
  • If we are having trouble identifying the app, it may be collapsed under the System/Unknown category list. Click the carrot on the right hand side to expand this list.
  • Pausing Ghostery Midnight turns off network monitoring and the ability to detect apps making requests. To detect apps, ensure Ghostery Midnight is not paused.
  • The app may be making network requests through a system framework. If this is the case, the system framework app will display instead of the missing app’s name.

If no apps are appearing at all on the list, try opening your browser and navigate to any website. If still there aren’t any apps displayed, please contact support through the Ghostery Midnight’s help menu.