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Ghostery Launches New Mobile Browser with Advanced Privacy Technology for a Safer and Faster Browsing Experience

The Ghostery Privacy Browser provides dramatically faster browsing and greater privacy to Android and iOS users with built-in tracker- and ad-blocking

New York – September 19, 2018 – Ghostery, known for its free browser extension that makes your web browsing experience cleaner, faster and safer, today launched a new version of its Ghostery Privacy Browser for Android and iOS, bringing the full browser ecosystem of its parent company Cliqz to Ghostery users and providing a fast, private, tracker- and ad-free mobile browsing experience. Getting rid of the clutter on websites caused by trackers and ads means considerable savings in mobile data and battery usage.

Like all Ghostery products, the new mobile browser is open source. Its core technology and some features are based on the powerful Firefox technology developed by Mozilla, an investor in Ghostery’s parent company. Ghostery mobile users can opt in to contribute to strictly anonymous statistical data to improve Ghostery’s and Cliqz’s search and privacy products.

Equipped with comprehensive features that enhance user privacy for mobile browsing, the Ghostery Privacy Browser integrates the powerful ad blocking and tracker protection of the Ghostery 8 desktop extension control panel with improved browser functionalities.

Key features include:

  • Built-in ad blocker & tracker visibility and control: By default, the Ghostery Privacy Browser removes intrusive ads and clutter, resulting in a cleaner and ultimately faster browsing experience. Users are given insight into who is tracking their data on websites they visit and can choose to block or unblock trackers.
    • Enhanced privacy features for Android: Android users can block and unblock trackers individually or in bulk, and enable the Smart-Blocking feature to optimize page performance. For additional privacy protection, users can switch on Enhanced Anti-Tracking, an AI-based technology that overwrites all potential personal data points.
  • Ghost Search: The Ghostery Privacy Browser integrates the private search engine operated by Cliqz. Unlike other search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, Ghost Search immediately suggests three dynamic result cards (websites or other content) as users begin to enter search terms into the address bar – providing smarter navigational options to get users to their destination with just one click. Cliqz’s search engine is entirely independent and works with its own web index. Cliqz does not store any personally identifiable information and works with sophisticated anonymization techniques, meaning users’ search queries remain completely private.
  • Ghost Mode: In Ghost Mode, users can protect their privacy by preventing the websites they visit from being recorded in their browser history.
  • Enhanced protection: The Ghostery Privacy Browser contains a built-in anti-phishing security feature that protects users from malicious and fraudulent websites. It detects up to four times more phishing attempts than Google Safe Browsing and works considerably faster, uncovering phishing sites within an hour. The anti-phishing technology examines a website for any harmful data entry fields and mistrustful characteristics and displays a warning message if the website is considered suspicious. Furthermore, Ghostery Privacy Browser prevents crypto-miners from parasitizing device resources.
  • Start Tab with curated websites: When a user opens a new tab in the browser, Ghostery displays the user’s most visited websites and curated news from respected and trustworthy media outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Reuters, AP, BBC and The Guardian.
  • Mobile data saver: Users can choose to load pictures only on Wi-Fi networks to save on their mobile data usage.
  • Password manager: This feature facilitates logins with a master password. On iOS, it works with Touch-ID and Face-ID.
  • Stop autoplay: This setting allows users to prevent websites from playing unsolicited videos.
  • Font size adapter: This feature enables better visibility of texts.

“Today’s mobile web is increasingly bogged down by a pervasive ecosystem of trackers that clutter websites with ads, consume huge amounts of mobile data, violate users’ privacy, and even drain batteries,” said Jeremy Tillman, Director of Product at Ghostery. “Users are paying for these unseen costs, not just in a poor user experience, but in their phone bills. The Ghostery Privacy Browser gives users a cleaner, faster, safer mobile browsing experience by combining Ghostery’s powerful anti-tracking and ad-blocking technologies with the state-of-the-art mobile browser developed by our parent company, Cliqz.”

The Ghostery Privacy Browser is free and available for download in 14 different languages for Android in the Google Play Store and iOS in the App Store. Mobile users in select markets can also participate in the optional Ghostery Rewards program to receive discounts and deals as they browse and shop online. Ghostery Rewards is based on the MyOffrz technology developed by Cliqz. It provides tailored offers without compromising privacy.

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À propos de Ghostery

Nous vivons dans un monde hyper-connecté. Quand tu surfes sur le Web, des milliers des traqueurs invisibles collectent des données et les partagent avec des entreprises partout dans le monde qui peuvent ainsi t’envoyer des publicités et des communications ciblées, analyser tes habitudes de navigation et intégrer leurs propres technologies tierces aux pages que tu visites. Ces traqueurs ralentissent le chargement des pages en transmettant et téléchargeant des données, ils augmentent la confusion visuelle avec des publicités et pop-ups et mettent en danger tes informations personnelles en partageant tes habitudes de navigation avec des tiers.

L’Internet est insupportable. Ghostery le rend supportable.

Ghostery offre gratuitement une extension pour navigateur et un navigateur mobile qui rendent la navigation sur le Web plus épurée, plus rapide et plus sûre. Ghostery détecte et bloque les technologies de tracking afin d’accélérer le chargement des pages, éliminer le superflu et protéger tes données et ta vie privée. Cela te permet aussi d’être constamment informé sur les entreprises qui te traquent et de choisir si (et quand) tu veux bloquer l’accès à certaines d’entre elles. Ghostery continue d’innover et d’améliorer ses produits afin de s’assurer que ses outils restent les plus efficaces à créer un Web plus respectueux de la vie privée et qui pense d’abord aux besoins de ses utilisateurs.

Ghostery a été créé en 2008 par David Cancel et est basé à New York City. Cliqz GmbH, une compagnie allemande ayant son siège à Munich, Allemagne, soutenue par Mozilla et Hubert Media, a acquis Ghostery, précédemment appartenant à Evidon Inc., en 2017.

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