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Ghostery stops trackers, ads, and popups in Opera and keeps your personal data private and off the data brokers’ wallets. Your personal data is your business!

Privacy Protection

The Opera Tracker & Ad blocker extension build by Ghostery takes things to the next level. Every ad, popup and tracker carry your personal information across the web. This data can be used to harm you anytime. By using Ghostery you protect your privacy.


Behind every website visit or search you make, trackers are recording and transmitting every step you take. Ghostery's Opera tracker blocker extension neutralizes these trackers ensuring your peace of mind. Over the Tracker Panel, Ghostery displays the trackers that were identified and neutralized.

Speed & Focus

The more resources load on a website, the slower it gets. By decluttering the web, Ghostery's Opera Ad blocker extension speeds up pages and avoids draining your internet bandwidth and battery.

Community Powered

Ghostery tracking protection is powered by many. Once a new tracker is detected by one of our users, everyone’s privacy improves. Our code is open source, everyone can investigate it. Browse the internet safer with Ghostery's Opera Tracker & Ad blocker extension for desktop!


Engineered for privacy protection

Ghostery stops trackers on Opera - blocks ads, cookies and popups - clicks you out of consent dialogues at each website visit.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker panel detailed view displaying customization options

Tracker Panel

Ghostery x-rays the web to display every tracker lurking behind the websites you visit.

To secure your privacy all trackers are neutralized. Your personal data are detached and replaced by random values, leaving data collectors in the dark about your identity.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker panel detailed view displaying customization options

Privacy Building Blocks

  • Anti-Tracking

    AI-driven technology neutralizing trackers’ ability to collect your personal data. Replacing it by random values it puts data brokers in the dark about your identity and sends a personal message of tracking being unacceptable.

  • Ad-Blocking

    Removes all advertising and promotional content from the websites you visit, leaving you with a clutter-free, focused view on information. The less resources load on a page, the faster it gets.

  • Never-Consent

    Clicks you out of all consent dialogues in favor of never tracking. This unequaled feature adds convenience to each website visit and acts like your globally active privacy advocate towards content providers.

Over 100+ million Ghostery downloads for privacy protection

Join the Ghostery user community and protect your personal data online

FAQ: Tracker & Ad Blocker for Opera

Does Opera browser block trackers?

Opera natively blocks trackers, but for an extra level of protection, Ghostery can ensure that all your information is kept private and safe. 

How do I turn off Opera tracking?

You can enable or disable Opera tracking on the browser as often as you like. We would recommend downloading our browser add on so you can ensure that you are not followed by trackers as you browse the web. 

Does Opera block third-party cookies?

By default, the Opera tracker blocking does not block any third-party cookies, although in Opera’s settings you can block cookies. However, Ghostery’s tracker blocker is far more customizable than Opera’s allowing you to be flexible in who sees your information.

Where is the ad blocker on Opera?

Click on the shield icon on Opera next to the address bar, this will allow you to block ads using Opera's native system. To get the best ad & popup blocking including stopping trackers, use the Ghostery Ad Blocker. This is an adblocker extension offers AI-driven privacy protection free of charge and leverages the most advanced adblock technology, blocking ads, stopping popups, bypasing consent banners, and more. Improve your browsing experience with our free ad blocker extension for Opera.

Why is my Opera not blocking ads?

If you have Opera’s ad blocker enabled and you’re still seeing ads you may have to reach out to their support team.

The best way to block ads on Opera is to download an ad blocker like Ghostery. Our Opera ad blocker not only blocks ads but it also blocks trackers & popups which makes your browsing experience faster and seamless.

What is the best ad blocker for Opera?

One of the best free ad blockers for Opera is Ghostery. Our ad blocker extension will allow you to quickly load pages without your pages being cluttered up with ads. 

How do I block Spotify ads on Opera?

You can block ads on Opera with Ghostery. Our browser extension is totally customizable and free, allowing you to block Spotify ads whenever you want.

Can I customize Ghostery's blocking settings in Opera?

Yes, you can customize Ghostery's blocking settings in Opera. Ghostery lets you tailor its features to match your preferences. You can opt for tracker, ads and cookie bloocking by default or adjust the settings to permit specific trackers or ads from trusted websites. This customization offers a flexible balance between privacy, site functionality, and supporting web services you value.

How does Ghostery protect my privacy on Opera?

Ghostery enhances privacy on Opera by blocking trackers and advertisements, preventing third-party data collection and accelerating browsing speed. It also includes cookie management to control and reduce personal data leakage. These features together protect user privacy, ensuring a more secure and efficient browsing experience.

Is Ghostery available on mobile versions of Opera?

Ghostery is available for Opera Desktop only as the mobile versions of Opera do not support browser extensions. Alternatively you can install the Firefox browser on Android and top it with Ghostery for intrusive ads blocking. Ghostery is available for the mobile versions of Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Still have questions?

If there is anything you miss in Ghostery or have any questions, please drop a line to We’re happy to talk to you anytime.