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Ghostery stops trackers, ads, and popups in Safari and keeps your personal data private and off the data brokers’ wallets. Your personal data is your business!

Privacy Protection

Our Safari Ad Blocker & tracking counteragent takes things to the next level. Every ad, popup and tracker carry your personal information across the web. This data can be used to harm you anytime. By using Ghostery you protect your privacy.


Behind every website visit or search you make, trackers are recording and transmitting every step you take. Ghostery's tracker blocker extension neutralizes these trackers while also working as a high-level Ad Blocker for Safari, giving you more peace of mind. Over the Tracker Panel, Ghostery displays the trackers that were identified and neutralized.

Speed & Focus

The more resources load on a website, the slower it gets. By decluttering the web, Ghostery's Safari Adblocker extension speeds up pages and avoids draining your internet bandwidth and battery.

Community Powered

Ghostery tracking protection is powered by many. Once a new tracker is detected by one of our users, everyone’s privacy improves. Our code is open source, everyone can investigate it. Browse the internet safer with Ghostery's Tracker & Ad Blocker for Safari that can be used on mobile & desktop!


Engineered for privacy protection

Ghostery stops trackers on Safari - blocks ads, cookies and popups - clicks you out of consent dialogues at each website visit.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker UI in Safari browser displaying Ghostery detailed settings panel. Background displays data

Tracker Panel

Ghostery x-rays the web to display every tracker lurking behind the websites you visit.

To secure your privacy all trackers are neutralized. Your personal data are detached and replaced by random values, leaving data collectors in the dark about your identity.

Ghostery Tracker & Ad Blocker panel simple view displaying Ghostery Privacy building blocks

Privacy Building Blocks

  • Anti-Tracking

    AI-driven technology neutralizing trackers’ ability to collect your personal data. Replacing it by random values it puts data brokers in the dark about your identity and sends a personal message of tracking being unacceptable.

  • Ad-Blocking

    Removes all advertising and promotional content from the websites you visit, leaving you with a clutter-free, focused view on information. The less resources load on a page, the faster it gets.

  • Never-Consent

    Clicks you out of all consent dialogues in favor of never tracking. This unequaled feature adds convenience to each website visit and acts like your globally active privacy advocate towards content providers.

Over 100+ million Ghostery downloads for privacy protection

Join the Ghostery user community and protect your personal data online

FAQ: Tracker & Ad Blocker for Safari

How Do I Stop Safari From Tracking Me?

By using Ghostery, you can easily stop Safari from tracking you. We use AI-driven technology to stop trackers getting ahold of your personal information, ensuring you can safely browse the web using Safari. 

Does Safari Really Prevent Tracking?

Over the past few years, Apple has really strengthened Intelligent Tracking Prevention on Safari. Safari prevents trackers from accessing cookies and collecting certain types of data, but Safari does not block trackers. If you use Ghostery as well as using Safari as your browser, you will receive a high level of protection.

How Do I Stop Websites From Tracking Me?

You can utilise your privacy settings on Safari, by going onto Safari, choosing Preferences, and selecting Privacy. Then select “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”. Additionally, add an extra level of protection by using the Ghostery Browser Extension for Safari.

What Does It Mean If Trackers are Profiling You?

Unless you are using anti-tracker software, everyone is being tracked online. Profiling is when your data and information is collected by tech giants such as Facebook and Google or even government agencies. They then use your personal information to create a general profile of your behavior and identity. A Safari tracker blocking tool like Ghostery is preventing your personal information to leave your browser.

How Do I Stop Trackers From Profiling Me?

There are many ways to stop trackers from profiling you. One of the best ways is to use Ghostery’s free browser extension which will block both ads and trackers. You should also consider using a VPN and a private search engine to stop trackers from profiling you too.

Can Websites Track You On Safari?

You must ask Safari to stop websites from tracking you, but even with this option turned on, Safari will send the website in question a request to stop tracking you, and it’s then up to the website whether they honor this request. At Ghostery, our anti-tracker technology is more robust. 

How Do I Stop Web Trackers?

While you can disable trackers via the privacy settings on Safari, Ghostery tracker blocker really ensures that trackers can’t get hold of your personal details. 

What is the Best Free Ad Blocker for Safari?

Ghostery is a free browser extension that will block ads for you, while keeping your information and data safe and secure as you browse the net. 

Are Safari Ad Blockers Safe?

Ghostery’s Safari Ad Blockers will protect your privacy from trackers and from ads that may steal your personal information. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with an ad blocker.

What is the Safest Ad Blocker?

Ghostery is one of the safest ad blockers, alongside AdBlock, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome’s ad blockers. Our ad blocker is safe and free and can be easily downloaded as a browser extension for Safari. 

How Do I Block Ads On Apple?

You can block ads on Apple by simply selecting preferences in the Safari menu, and in the websites tab selecting pop-up windows. If there are any websites in the list, highlight them all and click remove. However, if you want to ensure that you don’t have any ads popping up as you search online, we would recommend downloading Ghostery as an extra level of security. 

How Do I Block YouTube Ads on Safari?

You can customize our tracker and ad-blocker however you want, and our ad-blocking removes all advertising and promotional content from the websites you visit. Therefore, once you’ve enabled Ghostery, you’ll be able to block YouTube ads on Safari.

Does Mac have a Built-in Ad Blocker?

Mac does not have a built in ad blocker, and if you want to completely block third party ads, you’ll have to download a browser extension such as Ghostery.

Does Ghostery block all ads and trackers?

Ghostery is a free and popular browser extension known for its ability to block a wide range of trackers and ads like banner ads, video ads, pop-ups and native ads.

Is Ghostery free to use?

The Ghostery Ad Blocker for Safari is free to download and use for everyone. If you would like to support Ghostery, become a Contributor of code to their Tracker & Ad Blocker Github repository, make a donation or wear the Ghostery apparel and accessories to help spread awareness of online privacy, offline.

How does Ghostery protect my privacy?

Ghostery Ad Blocker extension protects your privacy by blocking trackers, including analytics, advertising, and social media trackers, which collect your personal information. It also blocks intrusive ads, manages cookies, prevents fingerprinting, and provides real-time tracker reports.

Can I customize the blocking settings?

Ghostery recommends using the default settings of the Tracker & Ad Blocker for Safari. However, you can manage the activity of individual Ghostery modules like Ad-Blocking, Anti-Tracking, and Never-Consent. You can pause Ghostery for a specific time, adjust settings for a specific site, or change blocking settings for individual trackers.

Does Ghostery slow down my browsing speed?

No, with Ghostery you enjoy 2 times faster, ad-free browsing. Ghostery reduces the load on your device by blocking unwanted elements from loading or modifying their requests, resulting in a faster internet browser.

Still have questions?

If there is anything you miss in Ghostery or have any questions, please drop a line to We’re happy to talk to you anytime.