Hey there, beta testers!   

We have made a few new updates to Ghostery Browser and Ghostery Search this past week and we wanted to give you a quick summary.

Here’s what’s new:

  • A much more streamlined Windows installer that consolidates the entire process into one step.
  • Ghostery Search updates to include a privacy intelligence overlay, powered by our WhoTracks.Me technology.  You can now see a small privacy icon next to the search results which populate with tracker stats about that website and a full link to a report with more detailed stats on WhoTracks.me.
  • Additional Search updates, including query suggestions, “did you mean” suggestions, and knowledge graph modules for people and places (e.g., a Wikipedia blurb for Abraham Lincoln).
  • Updated New Tab page design to look a little more refined and to, importantly, have the top sites you visit in the browser. 

I’ve included some screenshots below so you can see what’s new.  

Happy browsin’ 


New Windows Installer

Ghostery Search Update

New Tab Design