Hello All! 

First, thank you so much for joining the beta for Ghostery Browsers!  We are really excited with the product and, though it’s early, we hope you are enjoying it as well!  The browser also gives you an exclusive sneak peek at Ghostery Search, which I will update you on shortly.  If you have any feedback on the browser or search, please leave a note on our feedback forum or send an email to us at support@ghostery

Second, we will be updating the beta browser every Tuesday and you’ll be seeing a brief summary of what we changed each time we do this.  We’re moving pretty fast, so expect a lot of big new pieces in each update! 

Oh, and what’s in this update?  Quite a bit!  Most notably, we’ve given the search UI a major overhaul.  Up until now, we’ve essentially used a temporary front-end as we worked on implementing the designs.  We still have a long way to go and not everything is working yet, but hopefully this gives you a sense of what we’re shooting for.  We also made a bunch of updates to the browser’s advanced privacy settings, fixed some bugs, and further turned off features from Firefox that we don’t want for our own browser.      

Here’s a complete list of what’s new: 

  • New Ghostery Search design with dark mode interface 
  • Further optimization of browser to yield 10-20% better performance 
  • Latest update from Firefox 83, including performance boost and security fixes 
  • HTTPs only mode, an advanced privacy feature from Firefox, is turned on by default 
  • Camera & Microphone kill switches enabled, always-on buttons to cut the feed at any point 
  • Fix for issue preventing setting the new tab to a blank page 
  • Fix for Windows on ARM devices, enabling install from those devices 
  • Disabled some Firefox features, including Firefox Monitor and Ion/pioneer studies 

And are you reading this post but are not yet a beta tester?  Good news!  You can still sign up for an invitation!  Just click here and sign up as a GhostTester and you’ll get an invitation soon to join the beta. 

Again, if you have feedback, please feel free to reach us on our feedback forum or send an email at support@ghostery.  We’d love to hear from you! 

In the meantime, and until next time, happy browsing!