If you’ve been following along with posts from our Help Desk Series, then you’ve received an in-depth view of what certain Ghostery features do, how and why to use them, and more. Now that those features have been covered individually, here’s an easy cheat sheet to reference when using the Ghostery Browser Extension. Happy browsing!


Cheat Sheet

Tracker Count: Total count of trackers found and requests modified (colors correspond with the tracker categories found in the Detailed View)
Trust Site: Always allow tracker and disable anti-tracking on this site
Restrict Site: Always block trackers and protect my personal data on this site
Pause Ghostery: Pause the extension manually or for a set amount of time in the drop down
Site-Specific Trust & Restrict: Hover over specific trackers in the Detailed View while visiting a site to trust/restrict them on a site-to-site basis
Enhanced Anti-Tracking: Anonymize personal data points and detect additional trackers on webpages
Enhanced Ad Blocking: Remove visual advertisements from webpages
Smart Blocking: Adjust tracker blocking to optimize page performance

Settings: Access general settings, global blocking settings, notifications, purple box, etc.

Report a broken page: Submit a ticket Ghostery Support

Submit a new tracker: Report a tracker that you encountered that may be missing from the Ghostery database

Help: Access to FAQs and contact information

About: Ghostery version, terms & conditions, privacy statement, etc.

Ghostery Plus: Upgrade to Ghostery Plus

Sign In: Log in to your Ghostery account to maintain settings between browsers