Hey there ever’body! 

Things continue to progress quite nicely here with Ghostery Dawn, in large part to your great feedback, recommendations, and contributions!  We have a handful of improvements in this week’s Ghostery Dawn update, which includes the following changes: 

  • We have added private stats to the new tab page, which includes metrics for ads blocked, trackers blocked, data points anonymized, and time saved.  This should make it easier to see the benefits you gain from Ghostery Dawn 
  • We tweaked a few of the settings from Better Fox to restore some traditional UX elements. 
  • We swapped out the default sites on the new tab with some more privacy-friendly options, including some sweet websites for your favorite ghost-themed digital privacy company! 

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please share your thoughts to us on our browser feedback forum or send us an email at support@ghostery.com. 


The Ghostery Team 

Updated New Tab w/ Privacy Stats