Happy Friday, folks.  Things are crackin’, so let’s give you the low down. 

The Ghostery Dawn evolution is nearly complete and we’re *almost* ready to launch.  As we take one step closer, here are some details about this week’s update: 

  • We have renamed Dawn’s private browsing window as “Ghost Mode, a nod to our spooky nature.  We have also updated the design of these tabs to better match what we have for our normal new tab (though, of course, in more ghostly colors).  We included some more straightforward text on these Ghost Mode tabs to let you know what this mode does and does not do so that you can continue to make well-informed decisions about your privacy.  
  • We have translated some of the remaining elements in the new tab into German and French, so “Guten Tag” and “Bonjour” to our friends across the Atlantic! 

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please share your thoughts to us on our browser feedback forum or send us an email at support@ghostery.com


The Ghostery Team 

Updated Ghost Mode