It’s Thursday, how about another Dawn update, why not? 

We’re cranking so fast we barely have time to write words and shove them at you.  Here’s the new hotness in this week’s update: 

  • This week’s build includes the Firefox 86 update, which you can learn about here.  It has a lot of neat-o stuff in it. 
  • We created a slick alternate to the browser theme to make the URL bar more differentiated from Firefox by replacing the box-y space with smoother, curved edging. 
  • We’ve updated the styling of the Ghostery tracker stats, which gives these numbers a little more punch.  We’re still working on this and will have some more updates in the next update. 

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please share your thoughts with us on our browser feedback forum or send us an email at


The Ghostery Team 

Updated New Tab with Restyled Ghostery Stats