Hey there, beta testers! 

We have a handful of improvements in this week’s Dawn update, which includes the following changes: 

  • We have committed the changes made by @yokoffing to implement Better Fox to improve privacy, security, and performance 
  • Ghostery Glow now includes image search 
  • We added a link on the new tab for users that want to send us feedback 

To put a little more meat on the bone, Better Fox is a set of Firefox configuration changes that were implemented by @yokoffing as a Github contribution on our open source project and it’s really a tremendous improvement to our browser.  These changes not only make Dawn faster, more private, and more secure but it does so while keeping things easy-to-use and non-disruptive for everyday users  (to learn more, you can dig into this Github thread that compares some of the default settings options).   This Better Fox implementation reflects a lot of hard work, so we want to recognize @yokoffing and offer him big thanks for this great improvement!   

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please share your thoughts to us on our browser feedback forum or send us an email at support@ghostery.com. 


The Ghostery Team 


New Ghostery Glow Image Search

Submit Feedback Link