This past summer Ghostery was fortunate to have its first few interns work alongside the company in the New York City office. From writing code to writing content, these interns were immersed in Ghostery culture. In this two-part series, we’ll be sharing what our summer Ghosterians had to say about their experience.


Tiffany – Software Engineer Intern


How did you come to join Ghostery for the internship?
“I had been looking for summer internships, and fortunately came across the opening at Ghostery! I wanted a company that would support me in expanding my technical experience and jumpstart my software engineering career, and Ghostery seemed like a solid place to do so.”


What was your day-to-day like?
“Most days started with the stand-up meeting, and I liked hearing about what everyone was planning to do that day and how other projects were going! After returning to my desk, I’d tackle whatever I was working on, whether it was reviewing conceptual information or making progress on the tasks I was assigned. If I had any questions or needed a nudge in the right direction, I’d check in with my manager or someone on the programming team, who were all more than willing to help! I also had the opportunity to participate in sprint meetings with the team, as well as sit in on any meetings I was interested in, and really appreciated how open and welcoming everyone was. Day-to-day, I loved working with such a wide variety of people as well as getting to know everyone along the way!”


What challenges did you face?
“It was challenging to get used to the new technical elements I needed to use, like JavaScript, React, and Redux. However, the team was very supportive in helping me understand any difficult concepts or parts of the codebase!”


How did you enjoy the change of location and life outside of the office?
“I really loved being in New York for the summer, especially since it was my first time in the city! There was always something to do or see, and I definitely took advantage of my time outside the office. I’ll remember that summer for the rest of my life!”


How will this experience benefit you moving forward?
“I certainly gained more confidence in myself and my programming ability! I loved being able to connect with my coworkers and get a taste for what a full-time software engineering position would be like. Moving forward, I’m even more determined to further my career and pursue my goals within the field!”


Any words of advice for somebody looking to do an internship in the tech industry?
“I’d definitely recommend for someone looking to do an internship to practice, practice, practice. Coding challenges and technical interviews only get easier with time and experience, and it’s best to put yourself at an advantage and be prepared for anything that might come your way.”


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