What Is It?

The Enhanced Anti-Tracking feature is a heuristic approach to real-time, algorithmic tracking protection. So, what does that mean? Like Ghostery’s main blocking mechanism, it monitors all third-party requests; however, instead of simply blocking those requests, it analyzes them for personally identifiable information and then strips out that information before the request is sent. Enhanced Anti-Tracking supplements Ghostery’s block-list approach by catching anything that might have been missed. Therefore, even if trackers are allowed to execute, you can feel safe knowing that all personal information has been anonymized in the request.


Common Problems

Enhanced Anti-Tracking can be overzealous from time to time, picking up and blocking something that potentially shouldn’t be. This may prevent an essential page element from loading, ultimately breaking the page. This is most commonly seen with site logins and third-party extensions used to share information (i.e. Buffer, email extensions, etc.). If you’re ever experiencing an issue with one of these, try turning off Enhanced Anti-Tracking and reloading the page.


Does All Tracking Resume When I Turn Off Enhanced Anti-Tracking?

No. Ghostery will continuing blocking trackers that are included in our database even when this feature turned off. This will only prevent the extension from picking up what may be additional trackers on a page.