What is the Unknown Category?

Prior to the 8.4.1 version of Ghostery, users were unable to view scripts/requests that were detected by the Enhanced Anti-Tracking and Enhanced Ad Blocking AI features. This was because those requests were not associated with a domain in the Ghostery database. The Unknown category was created in response to users wanting to be able to see these trackers, even if they are not listed specifically in our database. This also provides a more granular level of blocking for these specific trackers.


How Are These Trackers Handled?

Trackers in this category are not blocked in the same way as other categories. Instead, they are handled by the AI features mentioned above. Anti-Tracking scrubs any and all personal data that could be transmitted by a tracker (a process known as anonymization), while Ad Blocking prevents ads and popups from appearing as well.


How Are They Named if They Aren’t in the Ghostery Database?

Although these trackers may not be in the Ghostery database yet, they may already be in the Cliqz database, which the extension can also pull from. We are working to create one comprehensive database, which would eventually eliminate the need for this category.