Hey Ghosterians! It’s almost Halloween and we need your help picking Ghosty’s Halloween costume.


Meet the Contenders

Ninja Ghosty
Ninja Ghosty is known for his stealthiness and working behind the scenes – often not knowing he’s even there. His goal is to get you around the internet without leaving a trace, but is also ready to take action and fight off trackers.
Sherlock Ghosty
Sherlock Ghosty is your go-to detective for investigating webpages. Using his tools of deduction, he’s able to solve the mystery of which companies are stalking you while you’re online.
Robot Ghosty
Robot Ghosty is the latest and greatest AI around. This robo pal makes browsing a breeze by noticing and blocking even the sneakiest of trackers. He also helps optimize your browsing experience by making it faster and more efficient.

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