Providing Comprehensive Tracker Analysis

Audit all third-party tracking technologies from one entry point to improve digital user experience and website performance.

4.99 per month (introductory pricing)

A few reasons Insights is the right product for you and your team

Insights is a tracker analysis tool designed for teams. Gather intelligence and analytics about the tags and trackers on your website or others to optimize your page and fuel your business.

Manage Campaigns

Validate tracking scripts, ensure pages are optimized before launching your campaign and improve ROI.

Script and Tracking Audits

Test, troubleshoot and optimize how tags and scripts are implemented on a website.

Forensic Tracker Analysis

Gather intelligence and analytics about the tags and trackers on your website or others.

Improved User Experience

Identify privacy risks that may impact user security, page performance and violate compliance law.

Learn about Insights features

Intelligent tools, powerful insights

  • The tracker list provides a deep dive into what trackers and scripts are operating on a website
  • It helps monitor tags to ensure they are firing correctly, while revealing uninvited, piggy backed trackers
  • It includes a “Favorite” feature, to pin trackers to the top of the list whenever they appear on a page
  • Timeline Analysis visualizes each tracker’s ping behavior in real-time as the page loads.
  • It reveals which trackers are negatively impacting page performance, how, and when.
  • Lastly, it includes a customizable data display: select which page events to show, and toggle between a linear or logarithmic display.
  • The Distribution Chart evaluates and displays trackers by size and latency
  • With scatterplot visualization the chart makes it easy to identify outliers at a glance
  • It works hand-in-hand with the Timeline Analysis feature; with one click view corresponding tracker data in the timeline
  • The page performance panels provide an in-depth look into the page load process (and relevant tracker impact)
  • Our page latency graph breaks down the initial load of a web page into categories of processes, organized by events
  • The Page Size panel shows what portion of a website’s overall size can be attributed to trackers in addition to other elements of the page
  • The Global Trends tab displays privacy-related statistics and usage trends for specific trackers and websites
  • Utilizes data from our web profiling database
  • The global data includes the reach of the tracker across the web, tracker category, the type of tracking it does and the type of website it is found on