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    A New Ghostery Release Just in time for the New Year!

    A New Ghostery Release Just in time for the New Year!


    We have a new release ready for the masses. We found a few issues and made some updates. You all have been awesome sending us some quirky behaviour as well. So to you.. we say "Thanks!"

    Before we get to the details. Please take a moment and follow us on Twitter if you haven't all ready. Lots of great info! Click here to follow @Ghostery!

    PLEASE NOTE: The version # for Firefox is 5.4.10. All other browsers are 5.4.9.

    Here are the notes:


    • A fix for multiple bugs related to the e10s Electrolysis build.
    • Blank options menu in the old Panel > unable to revert to new panel
    • Conflict with Adblock Plus in FFX 43 


    • Capping the wizard setup reinitiation at 3, which should prevent people from getting stuck in the setup wizard loop.
    • Purplebox off by default
    • Updated language in extension stores for Chrome, Opera, and Safari
    • Release note link has been updated to new site
    • Removed an extra step from the Safari setup wizard

    Your current version should auto-update unless you have turned that off from your browser’s menu, but if not, you can get the new version HERE.

    As always, we appreciate your feedback., so please, drop us a line or visit our forum

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    ~Happy browsing!