Ghostery 6.3.0 Beta For Chrome is In The Wild

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Ghostery 6.3.0 Beta For Chrome is In The Wild

Here are the details on our latest release, Ghostery 6.3.0 Beta for Chrome.

Hello Ghostery Community!

We’re excited to announce the release of Ghostery 6.3.0 BETA for Chrome. This release prominently features, among other things, a much simplified and improved blocking UI/UX, an improvement that was inspired by a vocal minority of frustrated users who I can only assume were shaking their virtual fists at us. We’ve also made some refinements to the purple box that makes it less intrusive when it’s collapsed and easier to understand when it’s expanded, with a few key UX improvements that will make it more intuitive to close or collapse. Finally and per usual, this release includes routine minor defect fixes as well as a myriad of new surrogates and other broken page fixes.

More details below:

Simplified and Improved Blocking UI (Ghostery Extension)

The blocking UI/UX in previous versions of the extension was, to put it bluntly, very confusing. Too much information was hidden by default and it took users too many clicks to get the information they wanted about the trackers they wanted to investigate. There were also too many rules and override states for the blocking logic itself, which further complicated the user’s experience. In 6.3.0, we simplified the blocking options interface by restoring a more traditional list view - though one that retains the categories - and made global blocking an easier two-choice check/uncheck interaction. Local blocking and unblocking remains in the product as “Trust on this site” and “Restrict on this site” tracker options, language that better parallels the establish site-level trust and restrict actions. We’ve also made these options only visible when a user hovers on the blocking options to help keep the UI simpler and less cluttered.

Simplified and Improved Blocking UI (Extension Web)

Not only did we improve the blocking UI for the extension, but we also did the same for the web-based settings. In so doing, we more closely aligned the designs and interactions of the web-settings with those of the extension. This blocking UI is also reflected in the setup pages themselves, which means users will be able to expand each of the eight categories to see the trackers within, a level of granular control that didn’t previously exist on those pages.

Purple Box Refinements

In 6.3.0, we made some subtle and hopefully well received refinements to the purple box design. For starters, we made the new collapsed bubble is smaller, more compact, and doesn’t pulse, changes that should it less obtrusive and distracting to the user. For the traditional expanded list-view, we restored the oft-demanded strikethrough on blocked trackers as well replaced the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner with more intuitive collapse and close icons

Defect & Broken Page Fixes

Sometimes things don’t work as intended. Below is a list of oops-my-bads that we’ve fixed this release.

  • Several broken page fixes (surrogates)
  • Minor translation issues
  • Minor save state UI issues
  • Mailto protocol working for Chrome users with Gmail/Inbox set as default email client

Thanks again for all the great feedback - there are a lot more updates on the way. As always we’d love to hear what you think.

To join the Chrome Beta Group, Please click HERE.

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