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Eliminate tag latency & improve your customers' digital experience by monitoring tags and keeping tabs on analytics with Ghostery MCM

First it was print, then radio, television, and web. Today, the world demands a lot more from a digital experience. Business must engage customers on channels ranging from blogs and social media (both personal and professional networks) to text messages and microsites. Designing messaging for each of these channels required an understanding of their strength and weaknesses and where and how customers engage with them. These channels also make use of platforms as diverse as apps, wearables, mobile, and desktop (and probably eventually VR). On the one hand it’s easier than ever to communicate with customers, but on the other it can be difficult to match the message to the medium.

What is Digital Experience Management?

Digital Experience Management crosses the totality of these channels. Deploying media and content efficiently and effectively across each platform requires the proper tools and systems to be seamlessly integrated and responsive.

One essential facet of digital experience management is the acknowledgement of each channel's essential strengths and limitations. It’s understood that an email subject line will differ from the CTA of a facebook post, but having technology that knows how to hone and optimize for each medium is essential.

What can negatively impact digital experience management?

While there are a number of digital experience management systems and solutions that address these issues from the standpoint of deploying content, one of the major - and often overlooked - elements that affect a user’s digital experience is website performance. It’s true that 40% of all visitors will bounce if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, but even more astounding, one second of delay increases customer dissatisfaction by 16%.

So what are the biggest offenders in terms of negative impact to digital experience?

Tag Latency

The amount of intelligence that marketing tags offer verges on the uncanny - advertisers can build incredibly detailed profiles of an individual as they move around the web, seemingly to almost anticipate a consumer’s needs. That’s why they are deployed at such an astounding rate. But tags that are unresponsive and slow to fire can impede a site’s load time - the dreaded tag latency.

Ghostery allows you to pinpoint tag latency issues, which tags are slowing your site, so that you can solve the problems immediately. Additionally, you can optimize the location of vendor tags to resolve network latency issues that may be cropping up for users. Online shoppers dissatisfied with website performance are 79% less inclined to buy from a site again; 52% of shoppers rate quick load times as key to loyalty.* By precisely homing in on problem tags, you will speed up your site and improve customers retention.

Mixed Content Warnings

Another contributor to a negative digital experience occurs when a user feels that their personal data is not secure, commonly when a browser displays a red flag alerting them that a site is putting their data at risk.

Browsers display these red flags when they detect non-secure marketing tags on a secure page.

If non-secure third-party marketing solutions - often added by vendors in the marketing stack with whom the site has no direct relationship - appear on the page, this triggers a mixed content warning. These warnings scare off visitors ready to complete a purchase, contributing to an abandoned cart rate of 74% last year. Thus, the more non-secure code running on a site, the more potential for these alarming messages.

To improve website performance is to improve the entire digital experience. Ghostery’s digital experience management immediately identifies non-secure tags and address these issues, allowing for a smooth and protected DE.

A Place For Mom Speeds Up Site And Cuts Average Tag Latency By Over 40%

Ed Nevraumont
A Place For Mom

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